$799.00 USD

Pampered Mom's Package (Self-Paced)

I'm ready to feel pampered!!

Feel empowered, confident and encouraged to feed yourself and your family well!  Optimize your health with nutrition that is tried and tested from the past and proven by modern science!! Get pampered with a personalized nutrition plan and luxurious wellness routines! 

What you'll get:

  • A 12 week online course 

  • A group community chat forum

  • 6 BONUS Guest Expert Video Workshops

I can't wait to see you INSIDE the program !

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What Happy Moms Are Saying:

Great course!! The structure of PMP is great. I enjoy both the weekly video presentations and coaching calls to get motivated by what others in the course are doing. I’m more motivated to focus on my own wellness and movement routines! Amy puts her heart and soul into this course!


Worth the Investment!! PMP has definitely been worth my investment! Amy is very encouraging. She’s organized and motivating. Information is transformative!


I'm Loving It!! I’m learning how to make new foods from scratch (bone broth, sourdough etc.) and preparation techniques. I’m loving the cooking inspo channel on Slack. I’m learning to take time for myself and make delicious food from scratch! I’ve started incorporating wellness routines and taking time for myself.


My kids are learning too! Amy incorporates lesson plans for teaching kids how they can be involved in healthy family cooking. She makes it easy for kids to participate in family food preparation. She helps moms and dads establish good eating habits in their kids’ lives!

A "Pampered Mom"

Benefits in Health, Sleep & Restfulness!! I started seeing benefits in my health, sleep and restfulness within a few weeks in this program! I felt a nudge from the Lord to take this. She’s done all the research for you condensing it down into actionable and achievable steps. Plus she brings in guest speakers for more advanced studies!

Kathy and Walt